Kids Talk About Hope (3-minute read)

“Hope is always there even in the darkness of time…”

This is very true, and very wise words spoken from a 10-year-old kid.

Yes, you read that right, words of hope from a child. To quote the full Note of Hope, it says:

“This activity meant to me that hope is always there even in the darkness of times. I felt happy when writing this knowing that someone will feel good reading it.”

Who would expect that a child would have very deep thoughts about what hope is about? We would say good for them, but actually, this is good for us all! It clearly demonstrates there is hope in this world because there are young people like this kid who have a good heart. They are the very people who embodies Great Youth’s mission of transforming youths into leaders, mentors, and role models who will excel in all of their endeavors and inspire others to do the same. And mind you, he is not alone in this cause.

Great Youth, Inc., in celebration of #GivingTuesday, asked 5th Grade students to write “Notes of Hope” that were distributed in Savannah, GA on the 7th of December 2019. It is for this very initiative that the kids were given notes to write that would give hope and inspiration to people who were experiencing difficulties in life.

As the Executive Director of Great Youth, I believe that there is so much tribulation, desperation, and isolation in the world, and for the majority of us, just making it through each day is a victory. I believe that we can be a beacon of light to others by giving hope in more ways imaginable.”

Here are more powerful takeaways from 5th grade students after they wrote their “Notes of Hope.”

“This made me feel happy. “It means I am making someone happy, and making their hearts pure and full of love.”

“This meant to me that I was making somebody happy, believe that they can do it and they will. I believe in them.”

“This activity made me feel like a nice person doing stuff like this for people.”

“It made me very happy to write a note, to make someone else happy.”

“This activity means to me that everybody in the world gets to see my note and know how gifted they are.”

“This activity makes me feel that I’m making others feel better about themselves. I feel so good.”

“This project already means that making words on paper can change someone’s day.”

“This task makes me feel so happy. I enjoyed making this and I hope the person who gets these messages of hope loves them, like I do.”

“This activity means to me that this is so fun and lovely. I want the [whole] world to do this…”

Such love and inspiration coming from young people. They may not realize it yet, but their messages of hope, such as, “The world needs your gift,” could have made someone’s day and changed someone’s life.

And why did we do this? It’s simply because Great Youth, Inc. cares. About our community as a whole. About each other as individuals. And as one of the messages stated, “We are hoping to set an example that the whole world could do and follow.”

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