10 Fun Ways to be a Blessing to Others (3-minute read)

Wouldn’t you love it if someone surprises you with a kind message or words of encouragement, or cook a meal for you, when you are feeling tired or sad?

I’m sure it would truly be a welcome gesture. I know I would love it, and it would light up my day!

We should make a concerted effort to think of others, especially when we see that they’re having a bad day. After all, a kind gesture,though seemingly small to us, could mean the world to them.

Here are more ways that you could become a blessing to someone else:

Write a ‘Thank You’ note:

Has someone helped you lately? Send a note of thanks. It doesn’t have to be long. All that matters is that you express your gratitude for their good deed.

Send a note of encouragement:

Did a friend fail a college entrance examination? Or has a friend recently lost his job? It’s not the end of the world. There are other opportunities for them. Remind them of this fact. Then help them to remain positive by giving them words of encouragement.

Give a compliment:

Random, sincere comments can make someone’s lonely face light up. Try it with a coworker who might be struggling with a project. You can say, “You’ve succeeded in launching a project before. You can do it again!”

Tell a joke:

We don’t have to take everything seriously. If a friend felt offended or was scolded in front of everyone, crack a joke that is appropriate to the situation. It will take the weight off the person’s shoulders and his mind off of what happened. Remember, laughter is the best medicine.

Buy someone a meal:

The homeless would certainly appreciate free food. So, why not buy a meal for one of them? It would be good for his stomach, and is good for your soul. One of my favorites is to pay for the person’s meal in the car behind me when I am in a drive-through. I smile thinking about their reaction to my “random” act of kindness. 

Donate unused toys or clothing:

If you’ve been holding on to things you no longer need, give them away or donate them. There are several organizations that accept new and gently used items like toys, clothing, etc. 

Babysit for your neighbor:

It is not easy to raise a child. Often, it takes up most of the couple’s time. Give them a hand by babysitting for them, so they can go out for that much-needed date night to spend quality time together.

Spend time with the elderly:

The eldery are probably one of the most lonely population in the world. Why not make them happy even for just a while? Or if you have a really good heart, why not visit them regularly? Just sit beside them and take the time to listen when they talk about anything under the sun! You will be amazed at how much you learn from them, and they will appreciate sharing their wisdom and stories with you.

Collect crazy and fun hats for sick kids:

Children are the easiest people to please. And collecting hats would not cost a lot of money.

Hold a puppet show at a children’s hospital:

Another fun way to make kids happy is to hold a puppet show. You can make the props from recycled materials like used gloves, socks, cardboards, etc. You might even buy some paint to make your presentation more colorful.

Indeed, there are numerous simple, inexpensive ways we can serve as a blessing to others. Sometimes, all people need is a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or the feeling that someone cares for them. You very well may be the blessing they’ve been praying for.

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